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UFC 105 Tomorrow- Saturday Nov. 14th on SPIKE

UFC 105 Fight Card, Saturday, November 14th in Manchester, England. UFC will be aired from Manchester, England.  Their last visit was UFC 70 and have out-sold both events.  UFC 105 will be aired in the United States on SPIKE and on ESPN-HD in England.  The fight will be viewed by over 50 countries and eventually... Read more »

MMA Updates - November will be Big MMA month.

Strikeforce is bringing MMA mainstream to network television (CBS) this fall.  They will broadcast their first MMA lineup on November 7th.  They will feature Fedor Emelianenko on this card.  Unfortunately it will be against Brett Rogers.   UFC 105 in November will be in England.  Randy is filling the void of UFC’s last luster card.  He... Read more »