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Do you ever wish you could punch someone in the face?

Do you ever wish you could punch someone in the face?
Hell, Yeah!  Now, I am not spreading violence, but the truth is if you have ever taken a boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, martial arts or krav maga class you are training to punch, kick, elbow and knee someone.  If you have never taken one of these classes – you really should!  I honestly believe that... Read more »

Guide to Mitt Holding for Boxing

There is more to boxing training than just hitting the bag. Of course, bag classes and drills have a place in your overall training and naturally offer a great workout dynamic. But, if you really want to build your boxing skills and learn how to punch well – you need to train on mitts. Mitts... Read more »

Are You Wrapping Your Hands the Right Way for You?

Whether you train boxing, kickboxing, MMA or muay thai, your hands should be wrapped.  Even systems like Krav Maga use hand wraps as a means to protect the hands from abrasions and safeguard the joints from injury.  Although it is still possible to injure your hand with your hands wrapped, it will cut down on... Read more »