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5 Most Newsworthy Events in MMA During 2010

1.  The Giants Fell 2.  Steroids Hit MMA Hard 3.  The BIg Apple, Not Big for MMA 4.  The Circus Finally Hits the UFC 5.  UFC Wins, Fans Lose

Will Randy Couture Become the Brett Favre of MMA?

Randy Couture is the Brett Farve of MMA.  The ping pong status of his pending retirement is a little boring.  Couture admits to having had his wars and battles in the cage.  He further states that,  he does not see himself getting a shot at any title in the near future. Couture’s honest assessment of... Read more »

Strikeforce Heavywt Champ Alistair Overeem Makes History

Press Release from Strikeforce Becomes First Fighter To Hold Major MMA and K-1 World GP TitlesNEW YORK (Dec. 12, 2010) – STRIKEFORCE Heavyweight Champion Alistair “The Demolition Man” Overeem of The Netherlands made history on Saturday by winning the annual eight-man, single elimination K-1 World Grand Prix Championship in Japan, thus making him the first... Read more »

Secrets to Cutting Weight: MMA Fighters Reveal Part II

This interview was not with Forrest Griffin. Another known professional MMA fighter shared his secrets for cutting weight.  He has also fought in more than one weight class.  Currently he is fighting at 155 pounds.  He is normally 180 pounds so his schedule for dropping 25 pounds provides a lot of insight into another component... Read more »

Bruce Lee Remembered by Time Magazine

I recently ran a slide show of my favorite pictures of Bruce Lee.  Time Magazine is featuring their own look back through his life from childhood to his death.

UFC 123 Predications

Lyoto Machida has been touted as one of the legends of MMA.  His gracious disposition leading up to UFC 123 has really demonstrated the poise of a traditionally trained martial artist.   Machida has stayed cleared of trash talking and other antics often seen in a fight with this much hype.  I am going to... Read more »

Fabricio Werdum: First Day Back to Training

REVGEAR is one of Fabricio Werdum’s (14-4-1-) sponsors and has their reporter checking up on him since surgery.  He won his last fight against Fedor Emelianenko via Triangle Choke on STrikeforce’s event  on June 26th of this year.  Werdum has an open-market contract which he is taking advantage of – word is he is fighting... Read more »

Secrets to Cutting Weight: MMA Fighters Reveal

Kenny Florain is not the subject of this story. But this picture shows how fighters look like different men at the time of their weight ins. I am sure many of you have wondered how fighters can walk into the cage looking 20 pounds heavier than their weight class.  Most fighters go through some form... Read more »

Documentary on Boxing: Boxing Gym at Gene Siskel Theatre

PRESS RELEASE: The Gene Siskel Film Center presents the Chicago premiere of Boxing Gym, the 39th film by American documentary master Frederick Weisman. The film continues Wiseman’s epic chronicle of social institutions by focusing on Lord’s Gym, a cozy pugilistic establishment in Austin, Texas. A far cry from the macho haunts of mugs and lugs... Read more »

WEC Merger Makes Me Worry

If you are part of the MMA industry on any level then you know that there are a lot of talented fighters.  So many of them have seen the lime-light on PPV cards, yet they sit on a bench waiting to be called into the octagon once again.  Many organizations have offered the growing talent... Read more »