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Is MMA in the Movies Better?

MMA is following in the footsteps that kung fu and wushu created during the peak of Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s popularity.  Martial arts fight scenes bring action to screen that can elevate an actor beyond just their character; simply put it is just cool to look good while fighting.  Even professional martial artists who... Read more »

MMA NOT Jackie Chan's Thing

Jackie Chan has driven a lot of martial art’s popularity over the last decade. ¬†He has really made martial arts look good to skeptical parents who only viewed it as Cobra Kai scene from Karate Kid. ¬†Although he is a huge proponent of kung fu, wushu, karate, tae kwon do, judo and tai chi, Chan... Read more »

Must See Martial Arts Movies

One of my favorite conversation pieces is the whole concept of top ten…, top five…. and so on.  When I am traveling with my friends or husband I like to discuss the whole idea of being on a deserted island (with all the comforts of course) and having to decide what movies, albums and books... Read more »