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Don't Be Gullible, Urine is Not Gatorade!

If you are considering drinking your own pee to enhance your athletic performance you are as gullible as a boy scout believing the stories he hears around the campfire.   Although there are some great combat sports players that seem to believe in this new Urban Folklore, like Lyota Machida,Luke Cummo and Juan Manuel Marquez... Read more »

Visited the Home of GSP on My Trip to Montreal

I went to Montreal for the first time this past weekend.  The purpose of the trip was to explore a new city, take in culture, look at art, sit at wonderful restaurants and of course see how the Canadians train up close.  I had the pleasure of visiting Adrenline Performance , owned by Jonathan Chaimberg... Read more »

Women in Mixed Martial Arts: Fighting for Equality Part I

Revisiting my Favorite Posts A conversation about the state of women in the sport of mixed martial arts should begin with a glance back at two combative sports with a long history: boxing and wrestling.  Although women’s boxing first appeared in the Olympic games as a demonstration in 1904, it really took the entire 20th... Read more »