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GSP Top of the MMA Chain, Shane Carwin WIll Meet Brock Lesnar

“I wanted to finish the fight…I’m very sorry.”  The devoted MMA fighter George St.Pierre said after his win last night against Dan Hardy.  The judges scored the unanimous decision as 50-43,50-44,50-45.  The British Brawler was not able to do much with GSP’s takedowns, and his striking power seemed cursed by the natural fighting wit and... Read more »

The Bodies of Frank Mir

Frank Mir has endured a lot for physical challenges and tests.  After being derailed from his UFC championship status in 2004 due a motorcycle accident, he spent an enormous amount of time in physical therapy not to mention getting back on the road to his MMA training.  Since re-emerging onto the MMA scene in 2006... Read more »