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StrikeForce Brawl post mortem

  Seriously, Mayhem, you thought these guys would be cool with you busting in on their teammates? This is Nick and Nate Diaz in 1993, as kids. I’m told this photo captures their “happiest childhood moments.”   You’ve seen and read about the brawl, now check out what those involved have had to say looking... Read more »

Flashy but Effective

  Sergio Martinez now owns titles at 154 and 160 pounds Sergio Martinez eluded and battered Kelly Pavlik Saturday night in Atlantic City, NJ to become the WBO and WBC middleweight champion. Scores were 115-111, 116-111 and 115-112 for Martinez. Check out Kevin Iole’s full report here EC

Another Great Drill for the Fighting Arts

Andrei Arlovski training with Tim Allgretti There are endless drills that improve a person’s conditioning for striking.  One drill that I love is used by strength and conditioning coaches Tim Allgretti (Owner of Chicago’s West Loop Gym – works with Andrei Arlovski) and Jonathan Chaimberg (from the Jackson Submission Camp).   Heavy Rope Training  ... Read more »

Top Fighters in History From the Beginning of Time Until 1990.

Okay fight fans, this is my list of the World’s greatest fighters from the beginning of time until the last century.  Help me create a list of those worthy of being added.  Let’s shoot for ten more fighters.  I have given you the names of fighters that historically appeal to the beloved and loyal fans... Read more »

Boxing is a Great Sport, Let's Not Forget it!

“Boxing is a contest of will and skill, with the will generally overcoming the skill, unless the skill of one man is much greater than the skill of the other.”            Cus D’ Amato The will of a fighter is a quality that most would agree to be inherent in a fighter’s character.  The skill however... Read more »

Common Injuries in the Martial Arts: Part I Upper Body

You do not have to be a professional martial artist to be concerned with injuries interfering with kicking and punching skills.  As with many other athletes, incurring sport injuries is detrimental to improving martial arts techniques and overall forms and fighting skills.  Many professional martial artists will tell you that their injuries are sport specific... Read more »