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Bas Rutten Visits Chicago: 5 Things He Taught

Bas Rutten Visits Chicago: 5 Things He Taught
Bas Rutten came to Chicago-land last weekend  to offer a striking seminar.  It was hosted by my friend and colleague Sue Garski, the Owner of Illinois Krav Maga.  This was the 3 or 4th seminar I have taken with Bas (I can’t really remember), but it did not fail to deliver.  Although Bas Rutten and... Read more »

Bas Rutten Answers Some Silly Questions

Bas Rutten, shares a little insight into his life before he became a MMA announcer, fighter, spokesperson and entertainer.  If you never watched him while he announced for PRIDE, check him out on his current show HDNET Fights. First car: fiat 850 and they called them a backpack in Holland.  The engine was in the... Read more »

Bas Rutten Makes Your Knee Strike Stronger

Attach cable to ankle and begin in a fighting stance. Make sure you start a light weight to avoid injury. Do not compromise your form. Still allow the hips to drive forward on this exercise and maintain your balance. Also, make sure you control your leg returning into the fighting stance. Begin with 2 sets... Read more »