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Tips for Your Boxing Workout

There are so many amazing aspects to a boxing workout. Most boxing workouts include a combination of shadow boxing, jump rope, footwork drills, mitt drills, medicine balls, heavy bag and body weight exercises. Boxing is the perfect workout to add to your exercise regiment. Regardless of your goals, boxing will increase your endurance, strength, coordination... Read more »

Best Lines from Martial Arts Movies

10 of the Best Lines from Martial Arts Movies In many ways martial arts movies inspired my career as a martial artist.  When I look back at these movies I laugh at the perfectly cheesy nature of the storylines, dialog and even action scenes.  I recently had a night out with other career martial artists... Read more »

Martial Arts Education at its best!

Andre and Amit Fit to Fight instructors training Muay Thai.
If you are a martial arts instructor or die-hard practitioner you should consider a trip to Revgear University.  This past weekend, this National event was hosted at STW Krav Maga in San Antonio, Texas.  The weekend was filled with educational seminars and training clinics.  A true martial artist’s dream.  The martial arts industry is like... Read more »

Chicago's Gun Violence Part I - Are you more likely to get shot living in Chicago?

Chicago's Gun Violence Part I - Are you more likely to get shot living in Chicago?
Are you more likely to get shot living in Chicago?  According to a USA Today story, violence is soaring in the Windy City.  There has been a 40% increase in shootings, 29% have resulted in homicides. I have always taken so much pride in the fact that I am a true-blue Chicagoan.  A true downtowner –... Read more »

The Best Martial Art and Boxing Shoe

ASICS Men's Matflex 3 Wrestling Shoe
Martial arts and boxing shoes are hard to find.  Although a few suppliers in the city carry a wide range of athletic shoes,  it is easier to find a selection online.  Here is a list of some of the best martial arts and boxing shoes. Before buying any shoe, you should decide what kind of... Read more »

Benefits of Martial Arts -10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn

Benefits of Martial Arts -10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn
There are many benefits to learning martial arts.  The martial arts are perfect!  They offer a life-long opportunity of growth.  Beyond the physical movements that are intrinsic to the martial arts (i.e. punch, kick, block, etc)  – it is one of the few life-long endeavors that enhance your physical being, as well as your mental and... Read more »

15 Great Holiday Gifts for the Martial Artist

Compression Short with Cup  from Revgear
There is a proverb in the martial arts community that studying martial arts is not about fighting, it’s about building character.  So I am guessing if you have a martial artist on your holiday list, that they are a real character.  Here is a list of great gifts for the person that loves to punch... Read more »

Event to Raise Awareness for Domestic Violence & Clara's House a Southside Shelter

Event to Raise Awareness for Domestic Violence & Clara's House a Southside Shelter
December is a month filled with days and moments dedicated to family and friends.  The efforts made to be generous and more considerate of others make December a truly joyous time of the year.  But the best part of year’s end and holiday spirit is the commitment many make towards being charitable towards strangers.  There... Read more »

The Architecture of the Straight Punch

There are so many things I I love about punching.  There are many details about throwing a strong and clean punch that I can discuss.  The truth is, that I love the architecture of the fighting stance and the straight punch.  I believe that boxing (or striking) movement offers even more admirable qualities than golf... Read more »

Care Package for College Kids to Keep them Safe, Must Haves!

I think when my kids go off to college, I will have more anxiety than I do about these last few days where I walked my three little ones into Pre-K, 1st grade and 2nd grade.  I totally get why my mom cried when she drove me to college and why my dad just seemed mad.  The idea... Read more »