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What is the Best Martial Art? Part I

This is one of two most common questions I get when I am at a party and someone reveals my profession.  The other is completely ridiculous – What would you do if I did this…?  Setting that rude question aside considering I am at a party and martial arts demonstrations are not part of my... Read more »

Yoga for Martial Artists: Part I

The importance of flexibility extends behind throwing kicks to the head.  It used to be that martial artists along with dancers had the most impressive flexibility, compared to other types of athletes.  The resurgence of yoga classes at most local health clubs has familiarized people from all walks of life with the values of flexibility and breathing.  Even the... Read more »

MMA Where Does it Fall? Sport, Art, Style???

The worldwide practice of martial arts includes millions of people.  In the span of the last 500 years martial arts has evolved and on a micro-cosmic (micro-scopic) level several styles some have progresses more than others.  Over the past five centuries, some disciplines are growing faster than others offering new techniques that even give way... Read more »