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Health and Fitness 101: Easy Strength Training Workouts

Here are some great strength training routines that are organized by the length of time they require.  These are a fantastic way to kick up your metabolism.  Strength training is valuable to the body, that any amount of time you are willing to allocate for it – is worth it.  Whether you devote 10 or... Read more »

Cardio-Kickboxing: An Amazing Workout, But Let's Stick to Technique

 So we all know that tae-bo helped to launch the cardio-kick fitness crazy.  But it did so much damage, that over 10 years later you still see  few classes where  the roundhouse looks like a whip-like kick and not a ‘boot-to-the-head.’  The downfall of those that continue to ride the tae-bo train is that many people... Read more »