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Bas Rutten Visits Chicago: 5 Things He Taught

Bas Rutten Visits Chicago: 5 Things He Taught
Bas Rutten came to Chicago-land last weekend  to offer a striking seminar.  It was hosted by my friend and colleague Sue Garski, the Owner of Illinois Krav Maga.  This was the 3 or 4th seminar I have taken with Bas (I can’t really remember), but it did not fail to deliver.  Although Bas Rutten and... Read more »

Defend Against a Flash Mob Attack

I know there are many concerns about flash mob attacks.  Without sounding like my grandfather, What is this world coming to? Over 12 crimes involving large groups of men have been reported since the spring and around 29 people have been arrested.  Naturally Chicago’s Officials are concerned about its impact on Chicago tourism.  I am... Read more »

"Deadliest Warrior" Puts Navy Seals Against Israeli Soldiers

Although the season finale of “Deadliest Warriors” has past, I am curious how people thought this challenge would turn out.  Of the fans that love the show, did you think the results would be different.  Check out this write-up on the episode. Check out a clip from SPIKE TV’s website for the “Deadliest Warrior”... Read more »

Krav Maga Instructor Training - Notes from North Carolina

I spent 5 days doing an instructor Krav Maga training at a great school in Gastonia, North Carolina (Ryan Hoover’s Extreme Karate).  Most of the time was lead by one of Krav’s highest level instructors – Kelly Campbell.  It was a comprehensive training for all the material that is part of the teaching lessons provided... Read more »

Notes From: Krav Maga Training in Wisconsin This Past Weekend

I attended an instructor training workshop for Krav Maga this weekend in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 1. Krav Maga is a great system for learning reality based self-defense.  It focuses on high intensity conditioning drills that apply to defensive situations where you are faced with stress. 2.  The training takes the best from various martial arts. 3.... Read more »