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MMA Classes for Kids, I Still Don't Support It

Mixed martial arts fighting for children warrants a significant dialog.  I am not a supporter of kids in MMA,  however I do not want the topic to be evaluated by people who do not approve the sport in the first place.   There are many obvious elements to MMA for kids that create  unsettling images, but... Read more »

Kid's MMA is Not Appropriate

There have been a couple news stories that have covered kid’s MMA over the past five years (an NBC story). As a parent of 3, a PE teacher at The Chicago Montessori Academy, 4 time Black Belt, MMA school owner and writer who covered the UFC for 5 years for Ultimate Grappling Magazine, I still... Read more »

Kids MMA - An Exercise in Controlling Aggression?

There has been a couple good news stories to cover kid’s MMA over the past couple years, but not as much as you would think.  I consider this a fairly controversial topic.  The acceptance of children, as young as 6 years old participating in mixed martial arts fighting should warrant discussion amongst the MMA community. ... Read more »

MMA for Children!

I had an interesting call at my office.  A man who had trained with me while visiting Chicago wanted my advise on whether I thought he should invest into a MMA school in California.  As we were speaking and I was telling him a little about the business of martial arts schools, he explained that... Read more »