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Pre-Fight Meals for Fighters

So many fighters need to make weight for their fight.  Many might be moving into a new weight class or simply procrastinating their weight loss in the last 4 weeks.  So once you have made weight, what should you eat in the 24-36 hours leading up to your fight?  The trick is to find foods... Read more »

5 Back Exercises You Can Do at Work

Lay flat on the floor on your stomach.  Fully extend your arms and legs.  While keeping your forehead flat on the ground, slowly lift the opposite arm and leg off the ground.  Do not bend the knee, imagine someone trying to pull your shoe off your foot as you lift the leg.  Your hips should be pressed on the ground and your gluts should be tighten.  Do not kick the leg up.  (The movement is similar to the doggie bridges)  Do 10 reps slowly at 2 - 3 sets, two or three times per week.
An achy back, is no unusual experience. Regardless of the sport you practice, lower back pain is common among them all.   All sports require you to move through flexion and extension  (bending forward and leaning back), lateral flexion (side bend movement) and rotation (turning at the waist).  These ranges of motion are mandatory for movement.  ... Read more »

Heads Up! The Chicagoan Next To You Does MMA

  The people of Chicago are progressive and forward thinking, yet welcoming to visitors and in tune with family values.  We sometimes get a bad wrap, that we are not trend-setters or cutting edge like our east and west coast metro-cousins.  I have begun to feature cool Chicago peeps that train in MMA; which is... Read more »

Watch Out Chicago! Your Co-Worker Does MMA

      MMA is the fastest growing sport in America.  It draws from the 16-35 year old demographic and its followers are not solely the tattooed, ex-high school wrestler anymore.  MMA appeals to a mainstream sports fan, who is eager to make happy hour and gallery walks after the daily grind has ended.  Its... Read more »

MMA Meets Kettlebell Training, Part 1

Repeat the same motion as you did for the rear uppercut.
Kettlebells can be compared with other modalities of training.  There are several great functional exercises and tools that can be used to improve athletics.  Kettlebells are an excellent addition to a MMA workout routine because of their biomechanical muscle replication.  They can be used to recreate the body’s involvement when doing kicks, punches and takedowns.... Read more »

Veggies in a Pill, Improve Your Health

No one really argues with the nutritional advise, “Eat more veggies.”  But for a lot of people it is hard to simply get enough.  For example, I love vegetables, all of them; but I like them roasted and grilled.  So it is hard to allocate time to make enough of them every day so they... Read more »

Steroids - What are they? Who's Using Them?

Steroids are organic compounds that your body naturally manufactures.  Did you realize that cholesterol and testosterone are steroids?  There are so many steroids found naturally that have an amazing impact on our physical capabilities.  Because of this, anabolic steroids, those synthesized as a drug, are wide spread amongst the athletic community. Anabolic steroids simply put,... Read more »

15 Minute Morning MMA Blast Will Burn Fat Fast!

Try boosting your metabolism by waking up 15 minutes early.  Even 15 minutes of training, if it is high intensity can have a positive impact on your physique.  You will see changes in your body in a fairly short period of time if you give yourself a kick in the ass when you wake up... Read more »

Health and Fitness 101: What is Cardiovascular Exercise?

What is Cardiovascular Exercise? Exercise for improving the functioning of the heart and lungs (cardiovascular system) is recommended for all individuals.  For maximum effectiveness and safety, cardiovascular exercise has specific instructions on the frequency, duration, and intensity. These are the three important components of cardiovascular exercise that you really need to understand and implement in... Read more »