10 Things I Want You to Know About Active Shooter Defense Training

10 Things I Want You to Know About Active Shooter Defense Training

It is time for America to become better prepared for the crisis of an active killer incident.  Truth is, I have more to say about the topic of active killer defense training then my 10 comments below– but since I revisit this topic often, I will try to keep it brief today.

Active Killer Defense Training (AKDT) is not a training program I created.  Ryan Hoover did.  I am part of an organization that is bigger than me – Fit to Fight®.  Hoover, Co-Founder of Fit to Fight® (FTF) and AKDT is a realistic self-defense training system that incorporates relevant applications and techniques from traditional krav maga, wresting, muay thai, boxing, judo and jiu jitsu.  Honestly, it does not matter where the moves come from – all that matters is if they can be applied to a reality based self-defense situation and if they can be taught to others.  Training must be given context in order for it to work. For example, there are many awesome striking drills; but they must be given truthful applications and trained under some form of stress so an individual has the ability to access them in a crisis.  This is a common training methodology used for military and law enforcement.  Now, I am not referring to a ‘slow-mo’ punch being thrown at your chest and applying a wrist lock that sends your opponent into a graceful flip onto the ground.  Reality based self-defense is not suffocated by absolutes.  Absolutes are techniques often taught in the martial arts that continue to be presented as the answer for the sake of tradition.  They have not evolved to address that fighting and violence has actually changed over the past 25, 50, 75, 100 years.

I am proud to say, I am part of something bigger in the genre of reality based self-defense – in this case, bigger is simply better.  I mention this because as a Fit to Fight® training facility, the training evolves when needed to adjust to today’s violence.  Active killer attacks are part of today's violence.

10 things I want you to know about learning to fight back in the incident of an active killer situation.

  1. They are active killers, not shooters.  Media, stop calling them active shooters – they are REAL killers!  A shooter refers to so many types of people – like skeet shooters and competition shooters.  We are not even discussing an individual who is threatening to shoot if you do not give them your wallet.  There is no negotiation or opportunity where your compliance may change his or her plan.  We are referring to a person who planned on walking into a building and KILLING as many people as possible – women, children, babies, teachers, officers, elderly, etc.. If we refer to them as killers, more of America would view them as mass-murderers.   Then, maybe more people would respect the gravity of their intentions.  Once America soaks in what they really are and hears headlines use an honest label like, Active Killers, Mass Murderer, Actively Assassinating Innocent People  – then maybe more people will learn how to fight back.  Training matters in all types of crisis and this one is no different.
  2. Everyone needs to understand that “lock down” procedures only provide you with a strategy if the killer does not come through your doors.
  3. Yes, barricade the door, but what if you don’ t have time and what if they still come through the door.
  4. You are the first responder if you are present when an active killer storms into your office or church.  Therefore, you need to know what to do – you already know how to run and hide – now you need to learn to fight!
  5. Learning to fight back against an active killer is taking ownership of your own survivability if you are faced with this type of crisis.
  6. Isn’t knowing how to do something, better than knowing nothing?
  7. “Run, hide, fight is a tagline, not a strategy,” says, Ryan Hoover.  Building skills to handle actual incidents that could happen to you is a proactive way to live your life.  Burying your head in the sand and telling yourself – it could never happen in your community or that you wouldn’t get shot because you will run away, (unlike previous other victims) is pure ignorance.
  8. All of the ‘nay-saying’ comments I have read in response to Hoover’s Active Killer Defense Training (AKD) – mostly translate into, ‘people can’t do it and that move would not work.’  You are right!  The training does not work, if all you are willing to invest is watching a 2-minute video featured on the news. But if for one minute, you applied yourself to the full training, instead of criticizing the ‘cliff-notes’ and educate yourself on the subject, you can learn to defend yourself.  Do not under estimate yourself and your ability to physically learn how to fight back against an active killer.  Or, just be honest and admit, you just do not want to learn it and would rather criticize people who are out doing something you wouldn't.
  9. Stop using excuses that the Active Killer Defense Training would not work because the killer would fight back.  Of course they would be fighting back, just like an attacker on the street fights back.  Training the fight portion of ‘run-hide-fight’ teaches you to fight back – to hurt people.  That is the point!  I want you to learn how to hurt the attacker to a point where they don’t get back up.  This is what reality self-defense training develops.  You should want to acquire the skills to fight back against someone who is focused on massacring you and everyone around you.  There are so many training centers throughout the United States that teach people to fight – it is done successfully every single day.  It may not happen in a day or a week – but you can learn to be fairly effective in a short period of time.  Like any other skill, the longer or more often you practice/train, the more confident and capable you become with that skill.  I believe there are much harder skills one could learn than how to fight.  It is completely tangible for anyone who wants to apply him or herself.
  10. Those of you who believe that you can only defend yourself in this situation if you have a gun – you are wrong!  There have been more unarmed civilians who have stopped active killer incidents, than armed civilians.  I support using a firearm if you have it and the training to use it effectively.  I am pro-training.  I believe in skill development on all levels.  In order to acquire skills you must be educated on your topic, focused in applying yourself and deal with the discomforts that are often attached to the growth of that skill.  Growth is a process, not a one-time effort.


Saturday, July 16, 2016 9am to 5pm

FTF® Charlotte - Fit to Fight® HQ

9129-135 Monroe Rd

Charlotte, NC 28270

Contact Info: Jessica Herbert

Summary: Course is 8 hours of  instruction and practical application.  Includes 1 hour of trauma care.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 7pm to 9pm

POW! Gym Chicago

310 South Racine, 1st floor

Chicago, Illinois 60607



Summary: 2 hour practical introduction to application.

Sunday, August 21, 2016, 9am to 5pm

Wellington Fitness
4465 Wellington Rd. South
London, Ontario
N6E 2Z8

Summary: Course is 8 hours of  instruction and practical application.  Includes 1 hour of trauma care.

Saturday, September 3, 2016 9am to 5pm

Midwest Krav Maga
#10 / # 11 JASON CT.
ST. CHARLES, MO. 63304

email - mwkravmaga@gmail.com

Summary: Course is 8 hours of  instruction and practical application.  Includes 1 hour of trauma care.

Active Killer Defense Training

Taken from Hoover's Active Killer Defense Training

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