Martial Arts Education at its best!

If you are a martial arts instructor or die-hard practitioner you should consider a trip to Revgear University.  This past weekend, this National event was hosted at STW Krav Maga in San Antonio, Texas.  The weekend was filled with educational seminars and training clinics.  A true martial artist’s dream.  The martial arts industry is like any other.  Remaining relevant is critical, learning to professionally survive as you age is challenging and the perils of owning a business anywhere in America is all-consuming.  Revgear University understands this and offers a business, fitness, training, kid's and martial arts track.

I have had the pleasure for about 17 years to be a presenter at educational conventions for both the fitness and martial arts industry.  The biggest benefit of this - is the free education and seminars I receive.  This cycle of learning has become one of my secrets to success.

Despite the variances between martial arts school / gym styles, we are all in the same business - attract people who want to learn, teach people who want to learn, breed students that continue to learn.  This is hard to do.  Many martial artists have been under the impression that being good is enough.  But it is not.  I have learned many things after being in the martial arts community for 3 decades.

  1. Being a great practitioner is not enough and at some point it doesn't matter.
  2. Everyone thinks they train harder than everyone else.  And, even if it was true that you trained harder than everyone, it doesn’t matter.
  3. Not all black belts are created equal.  And, a black belt will only get you so far in business.
  4. You have to lead by example and not make excuses when you don’t.
  5. You must pay it forward in some way - you can interpret that any way you want.

I am unbelievably proud to be part of Revgear University. It is a convention that helps grow the martial arts industry by helping businesses learn how to continue succeeding.  This includes signing up more members, making more money by learning how to adjust profit margins and exposes you to relevant training techniques, programs and business practices.  I found the participants at the event to have a very high level of skill.  This means the capacity to learn is enormous.  For an event that was filled mostly with black belts - battling egos were not an issue.  I attribute this to the owner of Revgear University - Paul Reavlin who sets the tone for the event: ‘it must be an all-accepting, open-minded forum of equals… an exchange of knowledge and place of growth.’  The presenters carry that same attitude.

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