The Best Martial Art and Boxing Shoe

Martial arts and boxing shoes are hard to find.  Although a few suppliers in the city carry a wide range of athletic shoes,  it is easier to find a selection online.  Here is a list of some of the best martial arts and boxing shoes.

Before buying any shoe, you should decide what kind of shoe you want.  Are you looking to have one that offers arch support, ankle support, or do you need a boxer’s or wrestler’s shoe.  I have compiled a list of shoes that I believe work great for training in the martial arts.

Tae Kwon Do Shoes 

Tae Kwon Do shoes are great as a general martial arts shoe.  They are very flexibility and slip on quickly.  For practitioners that are in a barefoot school, but need some form of protection for their feet, this is a good choice. There are many different styles and the men's and women's shoe look the same.   I am a big fan of the Adidas Tae Kwon Do shoe.  It is an indoor shoe that has no laces.  The sole of the shoe allows for pivoting which is great for kickers.  The arch support is minimal.  I have owned several pairs of these shoes.  I find for very narrow feet that they stretch quickly, but they are lightweight.  Most of the time I find these shoes on Amazon or at an Adidas outlet.  I have not been so lucky over the past year.  But another website that carries a selection of TKD shoes is Golden Tiger.

Boxing Shoes

The sport of boxing actually does not require a specific type of shoe.  Their foot wear requirements are quite loose.  But depending on where you are boxing, you might want to stick with a traditional boxing shoe. Boxing shoes are general high tops and use laces.  They are light weight and have a smooth sole.   Most boxing shoes have some cushioning in the middle of the foot and many brand now offer straps across the ankle for additional stability.  If you need a lot of arch support, I believe a more basic style is best because you will be able to place a quality insert in the shoe and still be comfortable.  My personal preference has always been a boxing shoe made mostly of canvas, instead of leather - but it is really up to you.  They tend to run true to size.  Keep in mind the higher the ankle support, the more time it takes to put your shoes on and get into classes on time.  Once again I love the Adidas Boxing Box Hog shoe - Clearly, I like the brand itself.   They also make a lower top boxing shoe style called the Tyrint IV that is cool.  The style of the lace makes this shoe much quicker to put on.  But the Lonsdale Quick shoe is also nice and offers a thicker sole.  They make a shorter boxing boot as well if you want to get in and out of your shoes in less than 5 minutes. If you have a shoe size over 12, you might find fewer choices.

Wrestling Shoes

I have never worn wrestling shoes and they are often considered to be the same as a boxing shoe.  Their structural style might look very similar to a boxing shoe, but their soles are completely different.  They are usually made of canvas and offer a lot of flexibility.  In fact, their flexible nature allows the foot to be used very explosively.  The sole of a wrestling shoe has a lot of grip, unlike a boxing shoe which is smooth.    They offer a little bit of arch support.  Once again, I like the Adidas Combat Speed III.  It has a rubber sole and is actually made of suede and mesh.  The shoe itself has a lot of support.  Another popular style are the Asics Matflex.  These are listed as good for competition and offer an, "integrated lace garage which complies with the rules."



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