The worst martial arts fight scenes, I mean bad, REALLY, REALLY BAD! (but hilarious)

There are so many things that I could point out that differentiate me from other martial arts school owners, traditional practitioners and the many men I have encountered that could kill me with one touch.  But I must be honest and reveal, we are all connected - we comprise the majority of the audience members that have made the BAD (as in cheesy, poorly made, directed and choreographed) martial arts film market viable.  And, many of us have seen these films more than once !

Here is a quick peek at some of the worst fight scenes ever to make it to film.  Please don't be mad if you watch them and then want those minutes of your life back.

The Story of Ricky Tang - Just skip to 4:40, it is so awful, I can not bear to make you spend that much time (super gross too) watching.

Black Belt Jones - Midnight Dojo, I know many feel it is a classic. And I too have respect for Jim Kelly.  But the lights off, then, on, then 3 seconds later off - too funny.

Unfeatable, 1994, So many of us were Cynthis Rothrock fans, but I am not sure which was worst the blade licking or the fight scenes.

Silent Ninja Assassins - I am embarassed to even ask you to watch this full 5 minute clip,just skip to 3:28. The ninja outfits offer a tribute to disco.

Golden Destroyers, 1985, I read it was popular as a double feature - NO WAY! Date over NOW!

Gymkata, 1985.  I will admit that I thought it was great when I first saw it in high school.


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