Patrick Kane Eat Your Heart Out!

Patrick Kane, the Blackhawks number 1 draft in 2007, is the total package when it comes to hockey skills.   The two-time Stanley Cup winner and two-time Olympic Hockey team member was the star of a Bauer commercial that began circulating last fall.  This video was created to promote the Vapor  APX2 stick and has drawn over 3 million views.  I watched it at least 10 times myself.   My husband thought it was a CGI presentation of the brilliant Blackhawk, but it is not.  If you have not watched it, it is worth the couple of minutes.  The way he moves is art.

When I saw this video for the first time, I thought of how the Cuban Boxing team uses a similar drill to develop their fighter’s footwork skills.  They place coke bottle is various formations and maneuver through them.  The goal is to avoid looking at your feet when you move and move in every direction without giving up your fighting stance.  I have actually filmed several versions of this footwork drill over the past couple years (you can see the others on my youtube channel - basic  / straight line movement).   But after seeing this video for the first time a couple weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to see if I could make my footwork drill super complex like Kane did on the ice and apply my same principles of movement.

So although it might seem like I am calling out Patrick Kane, I am fundamentally inspired by him to practice my footwork skills even more.I understand that my footwork skills on mats with no pressure is not the same as Kane’s ability to handle the puck and move during game time.  But I could not help myself in re-creating his FEAT.

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