Teachers Learn to Take A Gunman Down!

Teachers Learn to Take A Gunman Down!

Atrocious killings have happened on several school campuses over the last decade, I believe  the nation feels unified by one simple goal, schools must become target free zones.   I could list every gun incident that has taken the lives of both children and adults on school properties or even parks, but it is simply way too sad.  We know the numbers are depressing and heart wrenching.  Moving beyond the metrics, many Americans have had moments of horror thinking about their children being harmed at school or in a park.  Although these 'day-terrors,' may only last for a moment, they are paralyzing for any parent.  Although my children are very young and do not comprehend the recent headlines, I feel stressed thinking about parents whose children are old enough to understand what happened in Connecticut late last year.

Nelson Mandela wrote, " Safety and security don't just happen, they are a result of collective consensus and public investment.  We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens of our society, a life free of violence and fear."

Ryan Hoover, a colleague , fellow Krav Maga instructor, school owner, and conditioning coach has launched SAFER CAMPUS NOW.  This program is focused on training school staff, administrators and teachers how to deal with a gunman if they enter campus.  Safer Campus Now, teaches simple logistics that can be followed if a school building is placed on lockdown,requiring a threat to be neutralized involving tactical survival skill sets.

Hoover has launched the Safer Campus Now program in North Carolina.  His program does not 'tip-toe,' around the issue of defense.  He applies the methodology of krav maga (the Israeli system of reality based self-defense.).  It begins with the concept of survival.  Training assumes you are defending because grave harm is the intention of the attacker.  Therefore, you must decisively, confidently and strategically take the attacker down.  This may sound like unrealistic training for a school teacher, but the truth is that Hoover and I teach 32 year old social workers, 41 year old factory workers, nurses in their 50 and school teachers of all ages how to successfully fight back against chokes, headlocks, sexual assaults and gun attacks.  The difference is that like any methodology that is applied to an organization, systems must be created that address the specifics of the environment, and an effective program must be in place to train several people at once.  Hoover's program Safer Campus Now does exactly this.

Take a look at some of the footage in these news stories.  He is receiving a great response from schools within the North Carolina communities surrounding his hometown of Gastonia, he is hoping that other school systems Nationwide will consider this option which actually offers a tactical solution if a school's security is breeched.

Hoover will be in Chicago in April teaching at my school in the West Loop (POW! MMA and Fitness).  One of his goals to to see if the Chicagoland market would be receptive to this type of training.  As colleagues and affiliates, Hoover wants to make sure that this program is properly implemented.  If you have any interest in learning more about this program, please contact Ryan Hoover's office directly.  If you  know of any schools that might be interested in integrating Safer Campus Now into their protocols and procedures please reach out to either of us.

SAFER CAMPUS NOW- 704-814-0300 / Ryan@wearefittofight.com

Teachers sign up for self-defense classes in wake of school shooting - WBTV 3 News Charlotte from Fit To Fight International on Vimeo.

Teachers Train To Fight Potential Shooters -Fox News from Fit To Fight International on Vimeo.

NC teachers learn how to fight to protect classrooms from potential harm - News14.com from Fit To Fight International on Vimeo.

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