Joe Frazier Passes Away this Evening, Sad News for Boxing

Joe Frazier passed away this evening of liver cancer.    The ex-boxing Champ was in hospice care after the deadly disease was discovered 5 weeks ago.  He was 67 years old.  Frazier handed the famous Muhammad Ali his first loss.

As I sat wondering what other details are worth adding to this annoucement, I decided to watch the highlight reel again.  I decided no more needed to be said about this iconic boxer.  The thing about boxing is that sometimes - less said is better.  Just watching a fighter is enough to appreciate their greatness.  Frazier was powerful in his class. And yes, he was part of the most historical, talked about era in boxing.  But if you are a fight fan, just sit back and watch whatever clips you can find of Smokin Joe.



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  • I saw this early today--The guy was a icon for boxing.Smokin Joe will live on.

    Casey Mahoney Brad P

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