MMA Machine Hits Health Club Market


Club Industry (CI) was just in Chicago this weekend.  At Chicago’s beautiful McCormick Place, CI offered both an expo and a series of educational courses in every area of the fitness industry:  business development, wellness, training application, management and trends.  As a fitness professional and educator, I have been both a presenter and an attendee of this convention.   As I walked through the expo, I was surprised to see that Nexerys had an MMA training machine.  I walked pasted it about 5 times before I finally stopped to give it a try.  It was definitely like a video game.    Fun, but not real.

Nexerys announced the new machine at the UFC 136 Fan Expo recently.  It combines the combat sports workout with a sophisticated electronic interface.  It requires a know-how of fast paced gaming and the new aspects of interactive gaming, like you see in the Wii and Kinect from xbox.

The iPower Trainer offers various types of mixed martial arts workouts.  The workouts are formatted in intervals.  It offers a 4 minute technique, strike, core and cardio video training and Avatar sparring rounds.  There are 7 pads located in 3 strike zones – head, body and legs.  The striking pads have accelerometers in each pad that is stored in the computer.  You do have the option of over 80 striking / cardio rounds.

I didn’t give the machine a fair try.  I was in street clothes and boots and could not really see the color differentiation  between the background and the signal to hit.  However, I could have stayed longer and worked out my visual clarity issues and probably burned calories in the process.  The machine is quite large.  I would love to try it in a health club setting but could not imagine it in my house.



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  • You didn't say if the machine would get into the missionary position so you could hit it in the head, which seems to be the way many televised MMA matches end.

  • In reply to jack:

    That is one of its limitations. But I could certaining have fun with it...

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