Develop Punching Power: Great for Cross-Training

There are so many fantastic sport specific exercises for boxing, muay thai, MMA and kickboxing.  I consider this to be a fundamental exercise.  It offers a true application of straight punches.  The difficulty with this exercise is that you need to know how to punch before adding it to your routine.  This exercise expects you to have great form and technique. The beauty of this exercise is how it teaches you to completely integrate your legs and core into each punch.  Furthermore, without good balance you will have a difficult time gaining the full benefit.  I have been using this exercise for about 15 years.  It helped me develop a lot of power in my straight punch.  It is excellent for sculpting the arms, but should not be thought of as a chest or shoulder exercise.  When done properly it is a total body exercise.  This is only one of hundreds of exercises that we do at POW! MMA & Fitness to improve our technique for punching, boxing or striking.


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