CPR Made Easier to Remember

cpr.jpgI am hosting CPR training for my Staff at POW! MMA and Fitness this morning.  Although I go through the training every two years, the guidelines have changed since I first began working in the fitness industry. The biggest change that has been made is to begin CPR with chest compressions.  Fast chest presses before giving mouth to mouth is intended to act like an artificial heart.  When I first began teaching at the East Bank Club in 1994, we always focused on A-B-C - airway, breathing, compressions.  

So if the last time you took CPR was when you were a lifeguard as a teenager or during your college days for a 1 unit credit, just remember that you need to keep the heart pumping with compressions.  The new guidelines suggest 30 chest presses, then 2 breaths.  This change is for adults and children, not infants.  Chest compressions are actually quite challenging.  A FoxNews.com story  says you want to push 2 inches into the chest at a rate of 100 compressions a minutes.
So if you have not reviewed the simple steps for CPR, take a second to review.  But remember above else- CHECK FOR THE VICTIM'S UNRESPONSIVENESS AND THEN CALL 911 FIRST BEFORE DOING CHEST COMPRESSIONS.

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