Rich Franklin v Forrest Griffin Superfight Tonight!


Rich Franklin will continue his quest for a title in his most recent 205- division.  Only his second fight at 205, Franklin is facing the Former Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin.  Although the Franklin vs Griffin fight has been described as an equal match-up of two fighters with similar skill sets, some of the betting forums have pointed out that Griffin's weight gives him an advantage.  But most seem to be sticking to Franklin as the favored fighter, with better striking skills and more experience.   

Both Franklin and Griffin are fan favs in the MMA world.  They are likeable and seem to give us an honest and real look inside their thoughts leading up to their bouts.  Griffin admits to being scared about tonight's rendezvous inside the cage with Franklin.  Griffin has been quoted as saying , "it's f---ing terrifying...I haven't done it [fight] in a year.  It's only harder.  It doesn't get easier." 

I spoke with Franklin about his bout in Las Vegas on Saturday.  He admitted he was a bit nervous about returning to the venue where he lost his title in 2006.  Franklin has not fought in Las Vegas since he first lost to Anderson Silva at UFC 64.  

This fight confirms a thought I have had over the last year - there are fighters moving forward toward a title shot and there are fighters that draw fans and present the MMA world with Superfights.  I say this without stating whether or not Franklin or Griffin are worthy of a title fight, but rather that fan favorites make for a better draw and create more excitement over fighters close to their conquest for a belt.

Championship fights are ones that have to be made, Superfights happen because of the fans.  Although I hope to see Franklin winning this evening by knockout (perhaps at the end of the 1st), I believe that he will make more money fighting other great guys for fanfare, instead of fighting his way back up the contending ladder.


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