Franklin vs Griffin Should be Considered the Co-Main Event for UFC 126

mma_g_silva_franklin2_576.jpgI am feeling an equal amount of buzz over the Rich Franklin verse Forrest Griffin matchup, as I am the Anderson Belfort verse Victor Belfort fight.  No one doubts Silva's skill set and many place him still in the category of the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  But the way in which he has displayed his keen MMA presence in the cage has turned off many fans. Franklin and Griffin on the other hand, do not play games in the octagon and only show up to fight.  They should offer MMA fans an exciting and dynamic look at highly skilled mixed martial arts.
Griffin has made several comments about his POV of UFC 126 on February 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Me and Rich are kind of the same, we're jacks of all trades, master of none,..With Rich, it doesn't really matter because we're both pretty good at everything. Definitely Rich is gonna be quicker than me, but he's not gonna be so much quicker than me that if I make one mistake he's gonna be able to end the fight."
I asked Franklin what he thought about Griffin's comments - I wondered if he really thought they were equals.  "I would say it is a pretty accurate comment actually," confirmed Franklin.  Although Franklin will carry more fight experience into the cage on Feb 5th, he has 11 more wins under his belt, Franklin shared with me that they are both well-rounded fighters.  "We are both complete mixed martial artists, neither of us specialized in one thing - so yes we are a jack-of-all-trades so-to-speak.   But more importantly we are both real tough fighters.  I am looking forward to this fight.  Both of us fight harder the further the fight goes on."

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