Will Randy Couture Become the Brett Favre of MMA?

Randy Couture is the Brett Farve of MMA.  The ping pong status of his pending retirement is a little boring.  Couture admits to having had his wars and battles in the cage.  He further states that,  he does not see himself getting a shot at any title in the near future. Couture's honest assessment of the current state of his career is noble, but I wish he would be decisive.  It is hard to take what he says seriously. 

Without knocking Couture as a MMA legend, I do shrug my shoulders whenever I hear him announce whether he is fighting again or not.  Like the great Brett Favre, who announced he was not returning to the NFL  back in August, Couture also mentioned retirement this year.  Favre has agonized over retiring from football since 1997 and Couture made his initial anouncement after fighting Chuck Liddel in 2006 that he would not return to the cage. Clearly not the case.

Now over 40 years old, both athletes have inspired many and proven that you can reach your peak in the later years of your career.  However,  if Couture is not careful and does not make his mind up, he may end up with a career ending similar to Favre.   Favre will not play the final game of the current season, too bad he is ending his career on the bench. 

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