Pre-Fight Meals for Fighters

images.jpegSo many fighters need to make weight for their fight.  Many might be moving into a new weight class or simply procrastinating their weight loss in the last 4 weeks.  So once you have made weight, what should you eat in the 24-36 hours leading up to your fight?  The trick is to find foods while following these tips.
1. Binge eating and stuffing yourself after starving and possibly depleting your body will back fire.  Eat lots of small meals.
2. Foods high in sugar can induce symptoms that mimic hypoglycemia.
3. You want to eat foods that satisfy the hunger pains and if you did starve then you need to soak up stomach acids.
4. You must replenish the muscle cells to fuel your energy sources to help you access power and complete brain function.
5. As you begin to refuel your body you want to eat foods that are easily digestible and move through your digestive system without discomfort.
Foods that will meet these criteria are listed below.  Continue to avoid foods that you  have allergies to or cause you uncomfortable digestion.  Put small meals together that highly complex carbohydrate, moderate amount of protein, low fiber
• Bowl of oatmeal with almonds
• ½ of a Sweet Potato
• Oat or Multigrain bread with chicken
• 6oz of whole wheat pasta with diced vegetables and olive oil
• Egg White Omelet with turkey and veggies
• Ground turkey meat with black bean on whole wheat tortilla
• Banana with almond or peanut butter
• Quinoa with pine nuts and baked fish
• Low Fat yogurt with granola
• Trail Mix, unsalted, with dried blueberries
• Celery with peanut butter with raisins
• Avocado and tomato slices on a whole wheat cracker
• Whole wheat English muffins
• Steamed vegetables - dark greens

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