Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons II, Tonight Showtime, Diaz Will Win!

Let us recap what happened in November of 2007, when Nick Diaz lost to KJ Noons: great combos, fast hands, BAM! flurry, Noons POW!, Diaz got knocked down and cut.  Diaz' eye does not stop bleeding, fight doc stops it, fighters mouth off to eachother, confrontation, and now the stage is set for a highly anticipated re-match. It is taking place tonight on SHOWTIME  at 10 p.m. ET.  
Diaz will be defending his World Welterweight title against KJ Noons.  Noons is the last fighter to beat Diaz.  It seems as though this re-match is a long time in the making, almost exactly 3 years.  Diaz has had 7 consecutive wins since losing to Noons via TKO caused by the fight doc's stoppage.  No doubt, Diaz is an amazing overall fighter and Noons has seriously evolved since 2007 above and beyond being a great boxer.  Diaz should expect Noons to leave his corner with a strong offensive presence and agressive. He wants to prove alot since his win over Diaz was because he is a huge bleeder, therefore not showcasing a dream TKO. So Noons will demonstrate striking skills that reinforce why he has earned "Best Striker" by PRIDE.
Do not get me wrong, Diaz is no push over when standing, despite being known for an delectable ground game - a brazlian jiu jitsu black belt under Cesar Gracie.  Diaz is explosive and when he is ready to throw, he throws a lot.  Both fighters have the potential to cause the other tremendous damage and give MMA fans everything they ever wanted to see in a fight.  
Strikeforce has done a great job in hyping this re-match.  Both fighters were featured on Inside MMA on HD Nets with Bas Rutten on the guest panel and Strikeforce produced a documentary series for the fans covering their prep for tonight's fight on SHOWTIME.
I think Diaz's chip on his shoulder over the loss in 2007 will give him a super-human purpose to win.  Although Noons has all the right stuff and Diaz cuts easy, I believe Diaz can match his skills and Noons has nothing on the Champ's jiu jitsu. Combine that with his great hands and intinctual head movement, and I believe Noons' somewhat predictable gameplan, Diaz could win in the second round.

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