MMA Featherweight Division Rocks! Jose Aldo, Wins.

T1_1001_hedgesaldo.jpgJose Aldo, now 18-1 made WEC 51 well worth the time.  The WEC is essentially a showcase of the lighter-weight divisions in the sport of mixed martial arts.  Four to six years ago the UFC offered stacked light heavy and heavyweight divisions and now the most talented division belongs to the featherweights.
Aldo has had tremendous hype surrounding him since his wins against Mike Brown (WEC 44) and the 'California Kid' Urijah Faber (WEC 48).  Unfortunately, at this point in Aldo's career his opponents will never carry the name recognition that he does, virtually making his wins from this point forward seem a little lack luster.  Once he defeated Brown and Faber, Aldo became the most dominant fighter in his division.  I am curious how it will be for him now that he has hit a climactic point in his career.  His second round knock out of Manny Gamburyan last night demonstrated a lot of control over the fight; almost as if he was stalling his inevitable win for the sake of the fans.  
As for all of Aldo's previous opponents, they are still pound for pound packages of MMA talent.  So Aldo is as good as he seems, but I still lay tremendous credit and validation on the other members that comprise the featherweight division.

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