15 Bloody Moments in MMA

I am not one that loves the bloody outcome of battle that
occurs at times from inside the cage. I do not hope for it and take no true
comfort in seeing a man bleed.    In fact, I am on the anti-elbow side of the MMA
community.  Personally, I feel they
cause too much bleeding, which in turn, is bad for the image of the sport.  Elbows tend to feed the arguments of
people like Assemblyman Bob Reilly from New York who use it as a means to argue
it's ban. 

Below is a slide show of some of the bloody nights in
MMA.  I would like to thank
websites like Sherdog.com and bloodyelbow.com for helping me locate many of
these images.


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  • Local fighter Gideon Ray in season four of TUF. He opened a nasty gash on Edwin Dewees. Blood poured everywhere...

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