Women's MMA Showcased on SHOWTIME SATURDAY!

475_onyxmain.jpgStrikeforce and M-1 Global will be featuring not only a number one male bout on Showtime @ 10PM ET/PT, but the number one fighter Cris Cyborg (delayed on west coast).  Cris Cyborg (9-1)  has a new opponent, Jan Finney who has a four fight winning streak going into Saturday's fight night.  According to Sherdog readers 86% believe that Cyborg will win by knockout.  Not a lot of faith in Finney (8-7), who seems excited and aware of the opportunity.http://sherdogblog.craveonline.com/blog/2010-06-25#25300

"This is very exciting for me because I literally have nothing to lose. There are no expectations for me. Everyone seems to be treating this matchup as if Cris is fighting someone they picked from the crowd or something like that. All that does is give me extra motivation," says Jan Finney.  I hate being a doubter as well, but Finney has lost to both Erin Toughill and Julie Kedzie, highly talented MMA fighters with solid stand up skills.  Additionally, many of her wins have been by decision and she has tapped out many of times.  Without superior ground skills than Cyborg, who's beyond slick on the ground, Finney's only stratgey must be to play it safe, move with caution and wait to the perfect opening.  

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