Chuck Liddell Has Lost to the Best

Do you think Chuck Liddell should really retire, if he has only lost to the best?

1.  You are only as good as your opponents.
2.  A great knock out can only be celebrated if the loser's 
record is better than yours.
3.  In fighting, a winner is the winner only for a day, 
as a loser is a loser only for the day. 

loses have brought him to an impasse in his career.  An impasse that may
end his days in the octagon. Dana White has expressed on more than one occasion
that Chuck was done.  But after this weekend's UFC main event fight in
Vancouver, BC, the fastest event to sell out, White unequivocally stated that
Chuck would no longer fight,  "Chuck has been with me longer
than we have owned this company, I love him very much as a fighter and as a
friend.  I told him it is over, what else do you have to prove...  


Liddell has
had losses to some of the best in MMA.  As he shakes off this weekend's
knock out he should keep his chin held high.  As the fog clears in his
head, he will be berated with one simple question, Are you going to
retire?  Let's review his losses.


Jackson in 2003 and in 2007 were losses. Rampage Jackson at this time was one
of the toughest PRIDE fighters and he had Chuck's number from the very
beginning.  Rampage had Chuck's number, as Chuck had Tito's and Wanderlei
Silva had Sakuraba's, Anderson SIlva has Rich Franklin's and Tito had Ken
Shamrock'. The losers of from all these match ups should have never signed on to
fight after their first loss, they had no chance. 


Jardine in 2007, was a loss by a split decision.  It is hard to care about
losses by split decisions.  Let's set it aside.

Randy Couture won in 2003.  This loss was vindicated by two wins in 2005 and 2006.  


Rashad Evans
in 2008 was a loss via knock out in the second round.  Although Evans was
the underdog, most in the MMA industry took his performance with Michael
Bisping, TIto Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar seriously.  Then he demonstrated
his evolving abilities beyond his win against Chuck when he beat Forrest
Griffin via TKO and Rampage Jackson.  Evans was not a chump.


Mauricio Rua
in 2009 won via TKO in the first round. Rua has been named as one of the best
fighters in the world by a large portion of the media.  Although Fedor
takes first place, Rua was mauling through his opponents and was always no
lower than second place, particularly at the end of PRIDE's existence.  

               Before we close the book on Chuck Liddell, we should look at his pal Randy        Couture who has retired twice.


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  • For seemingly ages, I've enjoy watching Chuck Liddell compete. My problem isn't with the losses - it's with the fact that, in such a short span of time, he's repeatedly been brutally KO'ed. He only has one brain, and if he wishes to keep it in its present state, bowing out of competing in the cage is definitely the right choice. He had a good run, but it's definitely over. Time to move on to greener pastures. It's not like the UFC, and the majority of his fans (including myself), wouldn't value him as a coach, interviewer, analyst, etc.

  • His health is a big factor. I don't see Chuck retiring but hopefully the ufc persuades him because it's his time.

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