Rich Franklin Interview

Here is a quick interview I had with Rich Franklin.  He will be fighting Chuck Liddell on a PPV UFC Event June 12th.  The Former MIddleweight Champion shared a little insight into his training.20090119114915_DSC_6003.JPG.jpeg


KO:  Give us one
sample week of your training program when preparing for a fight.

RF:  Four days a
week - Monday through Thursday I get up and run.  I do an empty stomach cardio routine that lasts about 25
minutes.  That is my morning
workout.  Three days a week I lift
and work with my strength coach, Mike Fergerson.  George is my main training partner.  We train everything together.  We go there three days a week.  On the other mornings we aren't at his
gym - Tuesdays and Thursdays we have our pro-MMA training.   That lasts about 2 hours. 

KO:  What is
your lifting routine like with your strength coach.

RF:  It is
always different.  Sometimes we
have heavy days and others are light days where we superset.  We drop-set.  We circuit on other days. 

KO:  Do you have
designated body parts for each day?

RF:  Total body
every lifting day, three days a week.

KO:  So you
don't have a rhyme or reason for when you are periodizing or drop setting verse
super-setting.  Because those have
three completely different goals.

RF:  Mike has a
reason for it.  Mike always says
there is a method to his madness. 
The thing about my conditioning routine is that I go in and follow
directions.  I do what I do best
and delegate the rest.  I worry
about fighting and let other people worry about training me.

KO:  What about
your JJS verse your stand up routine.

RF:   So on
Tuesdays and Thursdays I have my pro- MMA workouts.  Tuesday are usually our wrestling, jiu jitsu day and
Thursday is our stand up and takedowns day.

KO:  How long
does that last?

RF:  It starts
at 11am and goes for 2 hours. 

KO:  So your empty
stomach cardio run is at 8am?

RF:  Yes, 8
am.  It only takes me 30
minutes.  I am not built like a
marathoner.  I usually get on the
treadmill by 8:15am and get off my 8:45pm.  If my morning routine takes me more than a half of an hour,
than I am doing something wrong. 
Then I eat and relax for awhile and take care of email and
business.  Then depending on the
day of the week, I head to Mike to lift or my pro workouts.

KO: Do you eat after?

RF:  Yes.  Mike also does my nutrition.  I do a measured amount of food, a
protein source like a tuna steak, lean ground beef, chicken.  Then a measured amount of fiber like, a
green bean and a measured amount of starch. 

KO:  So what is
your meal after your morning run?

RF:  My post run
meal is usually a shake. And post workout meal is solid food.

KO:  So that
brings us to about 3pm.  So do you
go back to training again?

RF:  It depends
on the day.  On Monday around 3pm I
do a private with my Thai instructor Neal.  On Wednesday I do a private with my boxing coach, Rob
Radford at 3pm and work with some of the boxers in the gym.   On Friday afternoons I either
relax or get a massage.

So I do three sessions on Monday and Wednesday with the
private, so Tuesday and Thursdays evening I go back to the school.  I will grapple with the JJS classes and
do drills, which last about an hour and half.  Saturdays we come in for an hour and spar and roll for an
hour or hour and a half.  Maybe a
little light cardio and call it a day. 
Sunday is a complete off day.

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