15 Minute Morning MMA Blast Will Burn Fat Fast!

Try boosting your metabolism by waking up 15 minutes early.  Even 15 minutes of training, if it is high intensity can have a positive impact on your physique.  You will see changes in your body in a fairly short period of time if you give yourself a kick in the ass when you wake up for your day.  If it requires your cup of coffee first, no problem.  But you need to get to it as quickly as possible, otherwise the morning has a way of getting filled and forcing you to rush out of the house.  Check out these high intensity MMA conditioning exercises for your new morning routine.  If an exercise is too difficult, begin doing it slowly and replace the remaining time in your interval with a different exercise that is easier for you to perform. You essentially have no rest - other than the time it takes to move to the next exercise.

Begin by warming up about 3 minutes - some jumping jacks, gentle torso rotations, arm circles forward and back and alternating leg lifts.

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