UFC 111 Dan Hardy Earns George St. Pierre This Saturday on PPV

Newark , NJ seems to be the closest Dana White is going to get to Madison Square Gardens for now.  As many wait in a holding pattern for New York to approve MMA, the UFC will have to settle for the Prudential Center.  This Saturday a great bout will take place off the NJ Turnpike.  George St. Pierre will face Dan Hardy.  Hardy, a Brit with a wild style, trash talking mouth and brawler attitude.  St. Pierre who is probably the antithesis of Hardy's presence carries himself with absolute poise.  As fighters they are a good match.  Hardy may not carry the popularity of GSP, but it is a great match  up.

The odds are listed as : 
Dan Hardy (+500) / GSP (-800)
Dan Hardy (+488) / GSP (-763)
What I think you can count on with this fight.
1.  This will be one of the best fights of the year so far.
2.  GSP's vast experience will show itself.
3.  Hardy will hurt GSP at some point in the fight, but GSP will handle it.
4.  It will be a technician verse brawler style - but both are exceptional at these styles of combat.
5. You might see a little of Hardy's Tae Kwon Do sneak in to showcase his martial athleticism.
6.  Despite GSP being a favorite, Hardy will earn the chance he is being given.
7.  GSP will step into the cage with a calm sensibility and Hardy will look like a crazy man from Mad Max.
8.  GSP will do something impressive that Hardy will not expect or know how to answer.
9.  Hardy will endure damage and it in itself will be impressive.
10.  GSP will win.

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