New York Moving Closer to Getting MMA Sanctioning

I have been trying to keep you updated on the long battle the New York MMA community has faced in getting sanctioning since its ban 13 years ago by Gov.George Pataki.  Another state politician has become vocal in their support for the sport along with Gov David Paterson (who may no longer be politically seated to help fight this battle).  Melvina Lathan, chairwoman of the New York State Athletic Commission admits to being an advocate for more than just boxing, she is an MMA fan.

Lathan has judged 83 championship fights around the world.  Her devotion to the combat sports includes MMA and wants to see it legalized.  "I like the intelligence needed to get out of holds where so many disciplines are used.  When they're grappling, I grab the edge of the my chair," expresses Lathan.
The April 1st deadline is quickly approaching where the 2010-2011 budget will be proposed for New York.  Included is legislation to legalize MMA and repeal the original ban.  This has been made possible by Gov. Paterson, who included MMA in the budget to help raise tax revenue for another US state that is strapped for cash.
Joining the effort to legalize is assemblyman Bob Reilly who hopes that the ability for MMA to generate revenues will sway those who may not understand or truly enjoy the sport. For example, it is said that over $1 million in local and state taxes would be generated in 2 MMA shows.


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