Asks : Biggest Problem for MMA Fighters Today

Do you want to be a [expletive] fighter? 

While the upper echelon of mixed martial artists can score big financially with cuts of UFC pay-per-view revenues and lucrative sponsorships, most fighters toil in relative obscurity and face a myriad of uphill battles 

In our most recent"Inside MMA" poll, we asked our readers to determine, "What is the biggest problem facing top level MMA fighters today?" 

The results were revealed on Friday's new edition of "Inside MMA" on HDNet, and one answer garnered nearly one-third of the vote: fighter pay. 

With seven categories to choose from, 31 percent among the thousands that cast votes believe that the "Low/disproportionate pay among fighters" is the biggest problem in the sport today. 

Low pay is a certainly a subjective evaluation. In an economy where many Americans don't even have jobs, the paydays made on the sport's top levels are undoubtedly attractive on paper. But as recently as February's UFC 109, the most recent UFC event for which salaries were released, one fighter, Ronnys Torres, made just $4,000, while Randy Couture made $250,000. 

Of course, those figures only include the monies disclosed to the state athletic commission. 


What is the biggest problem 
facing top level MMA fighters today?

31% - Low/disproportionate pay among fighters
22% - Lack of competition among top promotions
15% - Lack of a fighters union
10% - Social stigma/fighter stereotypes
8% - Longterm health effects/concussions
7% - Difficulty in obtaining health insurance
7% - Poor management/representation

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