GSP Top of the MMA Chain, Shane Carwin WIll Meet Brock Lesnar

Picture 5.png"I wanted to finish the fight...I'm very sorry."  The devoted MMA fighter George St.Pierre said after his win last night against Dan Hardy.  The judges scored the unanimous decision as 50-43,50-44,50-45.  The British Brawler was not able to do much with GSP's takedowns, and his striking power seemed cursed by the natural fighting wit and savvy of the French Canadian.   Although Hardy was expected to bring a little more heat and the match up was highly anticipated, no glimpse of weakness was shown last night as speculated by GSP.  Despite having a bad night 3 years ago at UFC 69 when he lost the welterweight title to Matt Serra, GSP displayed why he is the best and total package in MMA scene.

Picture 7.pngAlthough GSP did not want to see this fight end up at the score cards, he was never in a threatened position.  In fact, it took less than 30 seconds for him to get Hardy on his back demonstrating a patient and intelligent game.    All in all, it was a great fight and Hardy showed what I thought would be a non-quitter presence which always proves to be the best recipe for an MMA fight.
Shane Carwin called his night out, like when the greats Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron would point down field where the fans should look.  A first round knock-out was an amazing prediction against the enlarged Mir, however it leaves Carwin with very little true cage expereince.  Carwin who has not made it past the first round in his 12 professional fights is clearly heavy handed, but I also beleive it leaves him somewhat empty handed when it comes to the enduarnce and total package that is required in this sport.
Picture 2.pngWithout taking anything away from the current interim heavyweight champ, Carwin did deliver.  He was focused and seemed to be looking beyond Mir at his future meeting with Brock Lesnar.  Carwin was able to dominate in the clinch despite Mir's added size and strength.  There Mir ate several uppercuts which led to him assuming a completely defeated position at which point the ref jumped in at 3:48.   Lesnar sat ring side watching the bout, but like exuding a dominant posture as an alpha male.  "It was a god fight, but he's still wearing a belt that's a make-believe belt...I got the championship belt.  That's the bottom line,"  Lesnar boosts about Carwin's first round knock out.

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