Chicagoan Erin Webb - MMA Professional, Guest Writer

I have covered the overall state of women in the sport of MMA in the past (in September, 2009 -  Today, there are so many women working in the MMA industry that bring professionalism, along with a long list of credentials.  I know from expereince that many people that have traditional views on women's roles can be surprised when they meet a woman who really could be considered an expert in the fighting sports.  4_sm-thumb-100x137-9236.jpgBut there are many other women that have made major contributions to the MMA community.  A Chicagoan who is doing just this is Erin Webb. She is the Site Manager for (  The site has been around for a few years, but in the year 2008, they increased their regostration to over 1000 fighters.

As any sport gains mainstream popularity, it usually benefits the females who have been on fringe working towards the center stage.  Webb has helped to make this happen.  She has also assisted is enhancing Debi Purcell's career and exposure, while providing news content for the MMA industry as a content writer and editor for (

Webb who also works as a General manager for Lifestart Wellness Network here in downtown Chicago, holds a BA in Exercise Science and Nutrition and a MA in Health and Fitness Management.  As a certified ACSM trainer and Muay Thai instructor, she offers the perfect blend of training, education and fight savvy.  She has fought in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  She trains MMA 4-5 times a week, studying each component of the game. Webb, who look sun-suspecting like most women in the sport, does not even acknowledge the doubters out there who may think she'd be better off just teaching cardio-kickboxing.

469erinwebb.jpgWebb takes her training seriously and is probably one of the most reciprocating training partners I have witnessed.  She is aware that changing the minds of those who disapprove of women in the sport of MMA is a slow-going process.  She does not take it personal and respects even their point of view.  "My feelings don't really get hurt by the initial reaction of a lot of men.  I want them to be open-minded and accept us in the sport. But as women fighters, it is our responsibility to be technical, " explains Webb.
Webb will be one of the guest writers while I take a maternity leave and lighten my load come end of month through April.  She will provide great insight into the sport, as well the the health and fitness issues that surround it, for both the white collar practitioner, professional and fan.

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