Celebrities Doing Martial Arts

There is such a wide range of martial arts to practice.  Most long time practitioners will agree that the beauty of the martial arts is that there is one style out there that suits everyone.  Some may even philosophize that the style chosen is a reflection of practitioners personalities.  But it should come as no surprise that celebrities too have hobbies and part-take in activities that provide then with stress release and overall life enhancements.  The martial arts fits the bill perfectly.  Even celebrities that take on training for a role generally learn to respect the dedication required to excel and the benefits the martial arts offers the body and mind.

James Cagney - The classic actor who helped to define Hollywood stud, actually held a black belt in Judo. Cagney retuned to his beloved art of judo throughout his career.  Practicing judo helped him focus when taken on new roles and offered him the discipline that lead him to become one of Greatest Male Stars of All Time.
Fisher Stevens -Although not a fighter frame at first glance, spent time boxing and really focused on the overall training regiment of a boxer.  Although he never considered a celebrity bout, he acclimated well into sparring drills and never quit during training.
Madonna -  The the queen of celebrities has probably tried most dynamic activities out there. A God gifted athlete with unbelievable coordination and strength took a stab at Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu when preparing for her 2001 tour.  Her dance foundation along with the amazing balance she acquired from yoga made the transition in the highly difficult art of Wushu very tangible.

Criss Angel - The crazy illusionist and magician is refers often to his practice of martial arts.  Angel cross trains in the martial arts, dabbling in kung fu, karate and tae kwon do.  He is open about his devotion to strengthening his mind along with his muscular body.

Kristy Swanson - Practiced a combination of kickboxing and tae kwon do.  Beside her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Swanson excelled at the kicking drills and had a solid athletic foundation for the arts.
Phil Collen - The British rock band guitarist from Def Leppard trains in the popular combat sport of Muay Thai.  Also, a long time student of karate.  I have heard he has a black belt in karate. The fast fingered musician uses the martial arts conditioning key to the sport of muay thai to keep him in solid shape.
Robert Downey Jr. - One of our generation's most diversified actors.  His most recent role in Sherlock Holmes gave Downey the opportunity to display some of his martial arts skills.  A long practitioner of wing chun has evenly recently boosted about the importance of his training on the Regis and Kelly morning show.  
Guy Richie - The Scottish director and most famous husband of Madonna is a die hard practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He also is a black belt in karate.
Wesley Snipes - His movies reflect his genuine interest in the martial arts.  It has been reported that he has practiced up to 12 different martial arts although it is not reported whether he has acquired any rank in kung fu, karate and capoeira.

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