Tips For a Healthier Holistic Life

The traditional martial arts has always offered a lot of opportunity to become familiar with Chinese medicine.  So many of the philosophies of Chinese medicine or a holistic perspective are intertwined into their literature, proverbs and lessons.  With the insurgence of mixed martial arts and all the combat sports, these lessons have become more obsolete within the school since the training environment is very liberal and a traditional dojo is not the norm.  On the other hand, the exposure and acceptance of holistic ways and alternative methods of living is so popular that there is a wealth of information, experts and practitioners in most cities.  The mainstreaming of many of these concepts along with a westernized lifestyle provide us Americans with the upper-hand in living our life to the maximum.  Instead of prescribing to one or the other point of view, the integration of both concepts is so easy in America.  The concepts of holistic living is no longer held in secret by members of the traditional martial arts community or the Chinatowns of the US, but available everywhere.  Below are several tips that are practical and tangible ways to improve your life and health.
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  • Add Udo's Oil to your diet.  It is a supplement t hat provides all the good essenital fatty acids for the body.  The way it is produced is clever in that it does not damage of any of the good fats.  The Udo's Oil blend contains the following ingredients: flax oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, medium chain triglycerides, rice germ, oat germ, bran oil, primrose oil, soy lecithin and tocotrinol..  This equals- 3.2 gr/serving of omega 6, 6.4 gr/s of omega 3 and 3 gr/s of omega 9.   This supplement can improve skin, hair and nails, optimize digestion, aid in bone mineral loss, can help with jet lag and help keep your mood even.
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  • Cut up your favorite fruit or veggies a couple times a week to make them accessible snacks.  They then offer the  proper source of sugar to curb a sweet tooth and provide energy.
  • Add a probiotic to your diet - the powder or pill.  Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide a health benefit to their host.  That host is us - our stomach's to be specific.  They contain the good bacteria needed for digestion.  The most common are lactic acid and bifidobacteria.  The better products contain these elements, as well as yeasts and bacilli.  Although they may be consumed in some of the fermented foods like yogurt, a daily supplement can have tremendous benefit to your health.  They aid is treating diarrhea, food poisoning and stomach flu.  They help with the discomfort associated with Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome and maintain urogenital health.  But generally speaking, they help with digestion and preventing digestive tract illnesses.  So many of the awful, yet non-serious illnesses we get begin in the digestive system.  Essentially probiotics act as balancing agents for the non-friendly, pathogenic, gut-bacteria like the dreaded E.coli.  When there is not enough of the good bacteria in the digestive system the bad bacteria can cause havoc.  Even conditions like headaches, irritability and sluggishness.  An imbalance of this does not always manifest itself as full blow diarrhea.
  • Try a yearly cleanse of the body - where you eliminate meat, dairy, oil, alcohol, white products, sugars, pastas for 1-2 weeks.  Combine it with a colonic.  Choose foods like salad, veggies, only drink water, beans and oatmeal to sustain yourself during the cleanse.
  • Devote 5 minutes during your work day to meditation.  Close your doors. Just sit quietly at your desk with your eyes closed and begin breathing as deeply as you can.  Each time you take a breath, imagine that an eraser has wiped clean a portion of your mind's busy thoughts.  Continue to breath and imagine the removal of these thoughts until they are gone.  Once you have achieved a clear mind settle into the breathing and remain still.  Although there are many great positions to meditate in - for practical purposes I suggest the most comfortable position you can achieve sitting down.  Place your hands on top of your thighs with your palms up.
  • Massage your hands and wrists.  Additionally, stretch them while relaxing and gently tilting your head side to side.  This is a way to prevent tension from building up in your traps (or neck area).  Try doing this twice during your work day.  It will only take a couple minutes.  You can add a pressure point massage too - press your thumb through the thumb-web and along the dorsal (or bottom) side of your wrist.  Gently press your fingers down towards your wrist in both directions for a great stretch.  Or you can press your wrists together like a prayer position and gently apply pressure in both directions.
  • Minimize sodium intake - it will aid in preventing joint problems or exasberbating inflammation in the joint and bloating overall.
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  • Avoid getting the blues - chinese medicine preaches that tea boiled with cardamom seeds is helpful, additionally cashews and apples with honey will keep your mood most consistent.  Or, if your day starts with a mild headache or you feel one coming on, drink peppermint tea.
  • If a sore throat greets you in the morning, gargle with warm salt water which breaks up the mucus and clears it out.  Then take honey and lemon and add it to warm water, once it has cooled to room temperature drink it.  The honey will coat your throat and lemon cuts through the mucus.
  • Take responsibility for your health - don't sit around waiting for a doctor to eventually tell you what you have to do.  You know what to do.  Each week try to improve some aspect of your health, it could just be having a more veggies that day or stretching when you wake up in the morning.
  • Be weary of popular health books and diets.  They are commercial product being marketing to you ,no different than junk food it to kids.  Although most have merit within some of their layers, the right answers for healthy living are fairly obvious.

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