Improve Sexual Pleasure and Performance with Martial Arts & MMA Training

Research says that sex can help ease joint and muscle pain, fight depression and even improve the heart's overall health.  Many cultures also say it lengthens a person's life span.  

Sex can be thought of as an act of endurance, or hopefully that is the way you experience it.  In many cases the arms and shoulders tend to get fatigued and therefore exercises that improve the muscular endurance of the limbs that hold you up can also improve you sexual experiences.

Kiss_summ.jpgBut truth be told, there is an area referred to as the sex muscles which are rarely utilized in the course of an average person's day that happen to be integrated in so much of the martial arts and MMA training.  If you have ever been pregnant you are probably very familar with them - because they are the same muscles used to prep the the pelvic floor for child birth and pregnant women are assigned Kegels exercises to improve their pelvic strength daily for a 9 month period.

Getting Real Detailed

Kegel exercises firm the muscles of the vagina which help women gain muscle control to actually grip the penis and reach an orgasm more easily.  The pubococcygeal muscles (PC) can be strengthened to improve men's sexual experience because it delays ejaculation.  With better control of the PC muscles, men can control their contraction to better control their climax and even length their  favorite phase of the build up. Kegels for men can be used to strength the PC muscles as well.

So what exactly are the these muscles?

The muscles you use or clench in order to stop your flow of urination.

Improve Pleasure and Performance Fighter Style

The integration of engaging the muscles in the pelvic floor, along with balance and inner thigh strength is found in many drills and training movements from martial arts and MMA.  Unique to the fighting sports is the use of the gluts and inner thighs simultaneously because of the balance factor (you are on one leg every time you throw a kick).  These muscles are recruited both isometrically and dynamically, while engaging the entire core through the pelvic floor.  Certainly Kegels and pelvic lifts are a fine way to improve the strength and control of the sex muscles, but it is way cooler to learn the following exercises and enhance your ability to use them with higher intensity.  I have given you 5 examples of movements that accomplish overall enhanced strength and acute control of the sex muscles located throughout the pelvic floor.


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