Healthy Eating When Fast Food is Your Only Choice

We are about 6 weeks into the Resolution Season.  I am hoping that all of you have been able to maintain a healthier eating program in addition to a regular exercise routine.  Whether you are using the martial arts in some way to get in shape or not, eating nutritiously is challenging for even the most disciplined, and the cooking kings and queens.  I tend to preach meal planning more than anything for achieving a balanced eating program that allows you to enjoy food, as well as avoid over- consuming.  But truth be told, we all have those days where we are short on time, money, energy and groceries.  So I feel it is only fair to be aware of some of the best choices you can make for yourself when fast food is as good as it gets.

I have compiled a list of options for both breakfast, and then lunch and dinner.  I have not put them in any particular order.  I tried to take things like glycemic index (GI) into mind on most of them and an overall satisfying taste, but some of the dishes include various forms of dried fruit or a dressing that is a little high in GI, but the overall meal is delightful, satisfying and a good form of fuel.  I have had most of the meals except those from Wendys, KFC and  Burger King.   I threw those in there because I realize many people get stuck in airports or on the road.  However, my biggest motivation was to make sure you feel like you have options when you have skipped out of the house or a hotel without breakfast or lunch.  I would rather see you eat something, than nothing.  Skipping a meal only sets you up for the awful decisions driven by starvation.  So check out the list and circle the ones that appeal to you.  Hopefully, you will not rely on this list more than once a week.  Good Luck Eating Well.


1.  The Wake up Wrap, Dunkin Donuts - 1 wrap 170

2.  Egg White Veggie Flatbread, Dunkin Donuts - 1
sandwich 290 calories

3.  Egg White, Spinach, Feta Wrap, Starbucks - 280

4.   Egg White Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich -
ask them for no bacon - Starbucks, 300 calories

5.   Breakfast
Power Sandwich, Panera - 360 calories

and DINNER Options,

1.  Premium Asian Salad with
Grilled Chicken McDonald - 300 calories

2.  Ultimate Chicken Grill -
honey mustard Wendy's - 320 calories

3.  Tendergrill Chicken
Garden Salad , no cheese, Burger King - 300 calories

4.  6' Oven Roasted Chicken
Breast- Subway , 310 calories

5.   Honey BBQ Sandwich, KFC -
280 calories

6.  "Baha Style" Taco with
Chicken (2) Baja Fresh - 360 calories

7.   Mahi Mahi Ensalada, Baja
Fresh- 280 calories

8.   "Baja Style" Taco with
Wild Gulf Shrimp, Baja Fresh - 380 calories

9.    Shanghai Chicken Salad,
Cosi- 222 calories

10.  Bombay Salad, Cosi 297

11.  Minestrone Soup large,
Cosi  - 243 calories

12.   Hummus & Veggies
Sandwich, Cosi - 440 calories

13.  Turkey Gumbo (large),
Cosi - 208 calories

14.   3 Bean Chili, (large),
Cosi - 260 calories

15.   Steak Salad with Cranberries
and Oranges with Fat Free Dressing, Au Bon Pain - 370 Calories

16.  Jamaican Black Bean, Au
Bon Pain - 120 Calories

17.  Grilled Wild ALaskan Salmon Salad, Cosi, 457 calories

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