3 MMA Heavyweights That Shouldn't Be on Any Top Ten List

Bobby Lashley is a 5-0 fighter who has recently called out Fedor Emelianenko and Alistar Overeem.  But in all honesty - he has not earned the right to fight either.  They are two best heavyweight fighters out there.  He should not be in line for for a title match.  Apparently on HDNET's Inside MMA, Lashley appeared offended when it was suggested he fight Brett Rogers, a more appropriate opponent.  Lashley has no place being the the World MMA Top Heavyweights.

Gabriel Gonzaga is 5-3-0 with his biggest win against Mirko Filipovic.  Although it the first round knock out surprised the hell out of me, I didn't invest much into the high kick.  I realize I should give a little more credit, but his overall skill set does not impress me.  I find him to be inconsistent and not a well integrated fighter.
Brock Lesnar is 4-1 with wins over Randy Couture and Frank MIr.  I know this does not come as much surprise to those who have read anything I have written over the past year, but Lesnar is just enormous and strong, not a top MMA athletes in the heavyweight division. I am aware that match-makers give him a lot of credence and therefore he will move forward in the UFC with his title until they own up to the fact that there should be a super-heavy weight division.  Lesnar does not demonstrate what MMA athleticism is about on any level. Personally. I think he is just too darn big.  His tactic in the octagon reminds me more of a bully.   
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