Overrated MMA Fighters of 2009

As you know I have been sharing the results of a survey I did throughout December asking MMA fans things I wanted to know. Another question I posed was:

Who was the most overrated fighter of 2009?

Overrated Fighters
1. Brock Lesnar 
2. Forrest Griffin
3. Rampage Jackson
4. Tito Ortiz and Kimbo Slice (A Tie)
5. Dana White (Let me explain)
My interpretation of how these men ended up on this list is simple.  Their current talent does not warrant the media coverage they receive. Also, these men definitely stand out- no mistakes about it.  But they stand out for the wrong reasons.  Personally I would say 'AMEN'  I agree with all these picks.
First Place:
Brock-Lesnar.jpgLesnar is number one for, 'Don't Believe the Hype.'  I know that the WWE has called Lesnar Champion for so long, but come on- it was fake fighting that required a high level of athleticism.  MMA is suppose to be about a skill set that evolves the sport, not hinders its progress and stunts its image.
 Second Place:
 forrest-griffin1.jpgOkay, I give Griffin second place for 2009 because  'Actions Speak Louder Than Words.'  Griffin was suppose to give Anderson Silva the first real run for his money, but was knocked down or out or whatever, three times. Did I mention it was in the first round!  Then to follow - he behaved like a fool and stormed off like a sore loser.
Third Place: 
quinton-rampage-jackson.jpgJackson earns his place because he is, 'All Talk, No Action.'  He's a big mouth.  While starring as a coach on TUF (on Spike), he talked more crap about Rashad Evans and then didn't show up for finale fight with Evans.
Fourth Place: TIE 
images-219.jpegWhat Ortiz is 'Selling NoBody's Buying.'  He has been too busy making appeareances at every fight selling himself to the highest bidder.  But now he's a year older and in a division filled with amazing talent.  Tito is now back as Dana White's boy.  2009 only confirmed that White screwed up when he sent Chuck Liddell to Dances with Stars, instead Tito Ortiz.  
Fourth Place: TIE
 Thumbnail image for kimbo_slice_02_2.jpgSlice proved in 2009 that, 'A Lemon Painted Orange, is Not an Orange.' Did we really need Kimbo Slice to go all the way to the UFC to prove he had no ground game?
Fifth Place:
 Thumbnail image for b376260c.jpgWhite's new t-shirt for UFC is,  'I Have Seen the Monster and the Monster is Me.'  I swear in 2009 that more of Dana White's off color remarks and back handed comments have been reported on , more than any other fighter in MMA - yes by us media.  So we officially made him the Paris Hilton of MMA. 


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  • What about Jeremy Varner? He's a poser.

  • Rampage? Overrated? His body of work speaks otherwise.

    As for the fight with Rashad, ppuh-lease.

    Rampage will get more money and more importantly more name recognition/exposure from the a Summer popcorn movie than he could dream of from any PPV fight. Gotta do for self cuz the UFC only cares about itself.

    What does Rampage get for fighting Evans? A step closer to the belt? Pfffft. If anything this sets up Rampage for better opportunities in the long run.

    And all the trash talking Dana is doing towards Rampage is laughable. Watch him/UFC try to ride Quinton's jock during the A-Team publicity rounds this summer when the movie comes out.

    Quinton is far from overrated. The most overrated MMA fighter isn't even on your list: Brandon Vera.

  • I still love her, but Gina Carano. She has lots of heart, I'll give her that.

    But she was simply overwhelmed. Despite working out with Couture her wrestling looked whack and constantly gave up back in the clinch to Cyborg.

    Disagree on Brock Lesnar. His handling by Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson and local BJJ standout Comprido has been outstanding. They've led Brock to capitolize on his strengths, and Lesnar's willingnes to learn and improve hardly makes him overrated. Get well soon Brock!

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