New York MMA Sanctioning Update

Legislation for Mixed Martial Arts in the New York state budget has been advocated by Governor David A. Paterson.  Although most Chicagoans are not too concerned about New York, it is important for MMA to expand into new markets.  MMA as a sport is drawing millions of dollars in pay-per-views, as well as ticket sales.  NY may be facing a huge deficit (something Chicagoans do understand), but the sanctioning of it would drive new revenues for the state.  If Gov. Paterson keeps MMA moving along in the schedule for the budget, it could be signed into law as early as April 1 of this year.  We'll see - not a priority for many politicians in the state who have shown long time disapproval towards the sport when UFC tried to plan a show back in 1997.  I'll keep you posted.

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