MMA ReMatches for 2010

The Rematch is a promoter's dream.  It means there is a proven fan base and a fighter now becomes a bigger commodity to an organization.  But in general, any sports rematch is super exciting.   Then there are re-matchups that could've, should've, but didn't.  Think about it, it dates back to being a kid and hoping to see Batman fight Superman. Unlike the sports world, the comic book world has made these proverbial match-ups happen, Batman actually beat Superman a few years back.  

Fight fans have talked about these boxing rematches forever: Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko (2003), the last great heavyweight boxing match, or Marvin Hagler vs.Thomas Hearns (1985) or another meeting against Sugar Ray Leonard (1987).  The first mentioned became known as The War and the second Hagler fight to this day poses a viable discussion on whether Hagler was robed.  
  So what do the MMA fans want to see?  The last open-end question I posed in my survey was:  
Who would you like to see in a rematch for 2010?

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