MMA for Children!

ufckid.jpgI had an interesting call at my office.  A man who had trained with me while visiting Chicago wanted my advise on whether I thought he should invest into a MMA school in California.  As we were speaking and I was telling him a little about the business of martial arts schools, he explained that they would be offering a children's program with MMA.  

MMA is the highest level of organized fighting.  I am a fan of the sport, but not for kids.  Although I am a proponent of judo, jiu jitsu, olympic style tae kwon do and even boxing, I do not feel that MMA is appropriate for kids. It actually has very little to do with injury exposure for the child.  The fact is that martial arts overall, including boxing has a significantly lower incidence of injury as compared to football, rugby and motor-cross, in particular chronic and head injuries.  I think the key word is appropriate - it simply is not appropriate and does not carry the same tone as the sportsmanship bred in organizations like the Golden Gloves, Olympic Tae Kwon Do Federation or even the American Karate Association.
I was shocked when I learned that even Dana White, President of the UFC supports the notion.  This topic has many issues to present so I am going to leave this open and continue to discuss this matter over the next week or so.  Please give me  your feedback on this controversial subject.
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