Key Figure in Regulating MMA, Marc Ratner Helps Spread the Sport to More States.

I once had a great interview with Dana White where he spoke less smack and tons of substance about the love the sport and his plans to spear head the expansion of it into all 50 states.  Because most states have Athletic Commissions run by 'old school' personnel who come from a combat sports realm where wrestling and boxing dominated, it has been slow to get MMA legalized in all states.  How slow, about 10 years in the process slow.  

Today, Marc Ratner, a familiar face around the octagon is the Zuffa Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.  He was the former Executive Director of Nevada's State Athletic Commission.  His presence and expertise has helped in shaping the current MMA rule set and is continuing to forage ahead to close in on all 50 states.  Although he is also focused on educating non-MMA state commissions on the sport, while continuing to streamline and make a congruent method of scoring, Ratner needs to keep adding states for MMA's future.  
In february of 2008, Ratner named his immediate list of states he hoped to conquer next: New York, Massachusetts, Tennessee, South Carolina, New Hamphire.  This month, a law sanctioning mixed martial arts was passed in Massachusetts.  In order to execute this new sanctioning, the board will need to fine-tune 100 pages of regulations that govern all new details of the sport.  This includes the fighting techniques that are legal, to even permitted amounts of tape fighters can use on their hands.   
Massachusetts commission Chairman Dan Fitzgerald says, "We're going to grind them out word for word... This is all brand new-stuff."  Governor Deval Patrick signed the law and has left it to the commission to decide the finer points of the sports and ensure the safety of the fighters.  Rules they will continue to consider legalizing are the use of elbows, the number of people in a fighter's entourage and how fighters will be tested for steroids.  Their guide is Nevada's current regulations until they investigate the rule sets themselves.  They are being encouraged by Zuffa leader Ratner to also realize that rules can impact gate sales, therefore effecting the financial success of the sport.


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  • Last Monday, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill bringing MMA to the Bay State, making Massachusetts the 42nd state to legalize MMA.

    Help make New York the 43rd state to legalize MMA!

    Send a message to your NYS Representative, telling them to bring MMA to NY!

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick understands that MMA regulated events will create tax revenue for the state, as fans fill Boston hotels, restaurants, and arenas. We need to send a message to our State legislators urging them to consider the economic impact MMA would bring to NY.

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  • Marc Ratner is great for the sport.

    Let's all remember the unified rules of MMA which is the guideline for all states sanctioning MMA comes from Larry Hazzard and the New Jersey Athletic Board. Hazzard deserves props for having the understanding to regulate the sport and see beyond sterotypes and heresay.

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